MLB Grand Slam Tweets. Yankees #postseason

It’s the MLB postseason. As Major League Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America this means a surge of tweets from fans supporting their clubs with comments about the games.

We were curious how fans across America react to events within the game - such as double plays, diving catches and home runs. Most people watch TV with their laptop or iPhone these days. We all have a need to engage with other fans while watching sports - this is why people watch games at a friend’s house or the local pub. Engaging in conversation (even tweeting) can complete the experience.

So how do people tweet during MLB playoff games? Check out our graph below.

[MLB Tweets by the Minute]

This graph shows the volume of MLB tweets per minute - it’s like the heartbeat of social-America as they react to the game. The game featured here is Game 1 - Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees. There was a Grand Slam at 10:18PM EDT. We noticed that even if you were not watching the game live (only viewing this chart) it would be obvious when the biggest moments in the game were. The spike of conversation for the grand slam was significant!

So, could we take this one step further? Could you determine all major highlights of the game programmatically? Sure. I wonder if anyone has tested this theory.

Powerade believes that Twitter has become the second screen when big sporting events are occurring. Check out their Twitter experiment and video - Twitter Campaign shows the Power of Football.

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!


Dan & the TwitSprout Team

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  • posted 08 October, 2011