We love the feedback

We just sent out another batch of invites for the TwitSprout beta. Every few days we bring another awesome group of users on board.

We love all the feedback! We ARE listening. Your recommendations are directly driving our feature road map. Our goal is to create the most useful set of Twitter intelligence available - and we need your help. If you haven’t signed up, please use our beta link here: http://bit.ly/JoinBeta

Please continue to leave us feedback on Twitter and at: http://twitsprout.uservoice.com

This is just a small collection of the feedback we are receiving - and a big thank you to everyone on the beta. We’re sorry if your TwitSprout tweet is not featured here, we love you too!

  • And that’s exactly what the CSV data is intended for :) Glad to hear it! Thanks Brian @taitbw

  • Pure awesomeness! You’re too kind JB! We are in the early stages, which is exciting, because there is so much to come! Thanks so much. Cheers JB @JBCollinet

  • Precisely. We aim to deliver clear & meaningful metrics - understood by any Twitter user. How many business owners know the difference between Klout and Clout really? Thanks again Nigel@nigellegg. Awesome feedback. Cheers.

  • Yes. We do that! :) Cheers Branden @bkornell

  • We’re excited too! And Thank YOU for joining! Thanks to all of our awesome beta users! Cheers to @MapleMusic

  • Well that’s good news! We have a few more features to include before a full launch. The official site is in the works now too - hold tight until the New Year. Rest assured, we wake up and go to sleep thinking about Twitter metrics - crazy, I know. Thanks Jonathan@jonathanmfritz

  • We think so! Nothing too radical yet, but we have a few cards in our hand - yet to be played! Many more features to come… Cheers Ben@BenLaMothe

Thank you everyone! And enjoy the Holiday Season!

To your continued growth! - @TwitSprout

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