Growth of @garyvee during LeWeb 2010

Speaking at a global conference will certainly increase your online popularity, but how much?

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) is author of Crush It, a #1 Best Seller, and a thought-leader in social media and brand building - with over 800,000 Twitter Followers - popularity is not an issue. Still, we were interested in how TwitSprout’s Growth Report reflected activity on Gary’s Twitter account during the conference. 

Gary was on stage at LeWeb at 17h05 GMT (or 18h05 CET in Paris) on December 9th. The presentation lasted about 45 minutes. You can watch Gary Vaynerchuk’s Complete LeWeb 2010 Talk on YouTube

Gary’s Twitter account is currently growing at an average of 6 Followers / Day (Report as of Dec 20th). During Gary’s presentation his account grow by 200 Followers in 1 Hour (Hourly Follower Activity), and by a total of 400 Followers the day of LeWeb.

This is a very significant increase considering Gary’s daily average - but is this significant for a global conference like LeWeb? Would a presenter less well-known already experience more growth? 

Just thought it would be fun to share this report. Thanks - Dan @TwitSprout.

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  • posted 14 April, 2011

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