Meet the Founders

Top Left (@abh1nv) | Bottom Left (@dHolowack
Photo credits: Elisa Prajogo @eprajogo

Abhi @abh1nv

Abhi is the “swiss army knife” of TwitSprout. As the technical co-founder he is always focused on improving TwitSprout’s products and exceeding all user expectations. Abhi has a Systems Design Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and worked for Amazon before joining TwitSprout. He is a problem-solver, a very good one, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Abhi worked for days (without sleep) to bring the Obama Town Hall infographic to life. He knows how to grow and scale a platform in the cloud. Our Obama page performed without a hiccup even after being published on CNN and Mashable. That’s not all, Abhi is responsible for the whiz-bang features that make an awesome user experience. He also works directly with our larger clients.
You’ll likely find Abhi building a computer, then rebuilding it for more power. He looks at everything as a system, something to be dissected, analyzed and optimized - including our products. He’s done an excellent job at maintaining and monitoring theever growing number of servers we have online. Abhi and I have already worn out our first coffee machine here at the office (it was a sad day). Offer him a double-double and he’ll always make time to chat about social media, web technology, networking, cars and more.

Dan @dHolowack

Many of you know me already. I’m the voice behind our Twitter account @TwitSprout, sending Thank-You’s and connecting directly with many of our awesome users. I love data, social media data specifically. I learned from a young age the value of bridging the gap from data & information to insight & intelligence. I also graduated from Systems Design Engineering (the same class as Abhi) and was leading business intelligence initiatives across many industries, from high-tech to finance to healthcare, before focusing on social media. I’m the most happy when spending time with our users. Seriously, you all rock. When I designed the first one-page dashboard I couldn’t have predicted the incredible response and where this journey was going to lead me (and us as a team). We’re now extending our platform beyond account-level analytics to cutting edge work in real-time stream processing and social media monitoring.
The TwitSprout platform has come a long way. We’ll be sharing a sneak preview over the holidays before launching the full service in 2012. And there will always be an awesome free plan - we want to recognize the early adopters that have shared such insightful and valuable feedback!

There has been a very high volume of beta requests. We’re working hard to bring everyone on board.

If there is anything you need, a question answered or new feature request, just say hello! Twitter (@TwitSprout / @dHolowack) or email - hello [at] twitsprout . com
Dan & Abhi

PS: The answer is yes, trampoline photo-shoots are super fun. Recommended.

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