Obama’s Other Crisis

With only hours to go before America is forced to default on its loans, President Obama took to Twitter to try and get everyone to compromise. He put out well over a hundred tweets in the course of a few hours, all with a common theme:

Although each of these tweets were useful to a large number of people, all¬†of them together were useful to absolutely nobody — and it showed. Within minutes of beginning this tweet barrage, people began unfollowing @BarackObama en masse:

The over 30,000 net lost followers is taken after¬†counting the 20,000 followers that Obama would normally expect to gain on a Friday — that’s over 50,000 lost followers for Obama, and the first time in a very long time that he’s had a net loss over an entire day. To put thing in perspective, though, these 50,000 followers represent only 0.53% of his total follower base, so it’s not exactly time for a re-election just yet!

To see a more detailed breakdown of @BarackObama’s account activity, head on down to our official Obama Dashboard, and don’t forget to sign up for TwitSprout if you want your very own!

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  • posted 29 July, 2011

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