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TwitSprout Dashboard on the iPad

We’ve made some big improvements behind the scenes that enable your dashboard to load twice as fast and maintain high visual quality when zooming on mobile devices, such as the oh so sleek iPad. Check out TwitSprout on your mobile device and let us know what you think! These videos are posted to our new TwitSprout YouTube Channel - Please subscribe to keep in touch.

Lookin’ good, iPad!

  • posted 25 June, 2011

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Save and Print with PDF!

Download your One-Page Twitter Dashboard to PDF for printing and sharing! Click the link labelled ‘PDF file' in the top-right corner of your account page when viewing the dashboard. Be sure to use the private invite link we sent via email. If you haven't signed up yet, join our beta!

The full story…

We’re a social business, so I figure our blog posts should also tell a story. All our new features are inspired by user recommendations - from people like you. A good friend of ours, Michael Litt (founder @VYard), says “Customers are your best Product Managers,” and we take this to heart. The PDF addition was no exception, as you’ll read below. 

Yesterday morning we setup the entire team on Co-Tweet. Abhi and Adrian (co-founders at TwitSprout) also love speaking directly with our awesome users. We try to include our name at the end of each tweet so you know who you’re speaking with :). I’ll post a full introduction to the team sometime soon.

Let’s dig in. At 12pm we received this tweet from @SonomaCountyWeb

Unbeknownst to me, Adrian responded immediately, saying…

I look to Adrian and say, “Sometime today? Can we do that?”. He just smiles. We’ve learned not to underestimate Adrian’s ability to make our servers dance.

In just under 2 hours we launched the new PDF feature.

@SonomaCountryWeb responded “It worked like a charm! Thank you!!!" [tweet]

1 hour later, Will @willcuthbert, has already printed his dashboard from PDF!

TwitSprout looks good in print

Thanks Will! We agree. Lookin good! :)

It’s great to see everyone already using the PDF version of the dashboard!

You can also bring your printed dashboard to an interview! Yes, we’re serious!

That very afternoon I received the following message from Jenone of our beta users, saying “I’ve got a pretty important job interview for my dream job tomorrow and will use TwitSprout in my long set of printouts to show them why I’d make a great Social Media Guru. You guys are the best!”

Best of luck Jen! We’re rooting for you!

We’d love to hear more stories about how you’re making use of the PDF feature. Are you taking it to a marketing meetings or a job interview? Or using the dashboard printout when speaking with clients? Let us know in the comments!

That’s all for now.

Thanks for all the support everyone! We couldn’t do this without you.

-dan at TwitSprout

  • posted 14 June, 2011

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