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Most Retweeted Tweets from Twitter’s Elite

As of yesterday, Twitter has uncapped the retweet totals for all accounts on Twitter. You won’t see these changes reflected on (where they still display 50+ Retweets), but we’ve done our research to discover the most retweeted tweets by Twitter’s elite! The results are funny, inspiring and at times just plain ridiculous.

We’ve selected the Top 10 accounts on Twitter with over 10 Million Followers. A list that most recently includes @selenagomez.

The tweets below were discovered based on an analysis of the last 3,200 tweets sent by each account. TwitSprout used the most recent retweet count to determine which tweets caught fire! 

Here’s the summary…

1. @justinbieber 

On the 10th of January, 2012, Justin Bieber retweeted one of Floyd Mayweather’s tweets. This tweet went on to receive 92,314 Retweets! Now that’s evidence of the Bieber-bump in action.

Top Tweet: 92,314 Retweets

I wonder if Justin knew, when he wrote this ALL-CAPS tweet back in November of 2011, that it would live on to be the most retweeted tweet from the infamous @justinbieber account. Coming in at a whopping 87,882 retweets is Justin’s tribute tweet to LMFAO.

Top Tweet: 87,882 Retweets

2. @kimkardashian 

This is a heartwarming tweet. Kim Kardashian calls on Twitter to help fulfill the wish of a 15 year old girl who has terminal cancer. On a Thursday morning, in June of 2011, that wish came true. The hashtag #alicebucketlist was trending on Twitter. This tweet from @KimKardashian received 71,740 retweets.

Top Tweet: 71,740 Retweets

3. @ladygaga 

This inspirational tweet from Lady Gaga received 32,466 retweets in June 2011. This is the most retweeted tweet of all time from @ladygaga.

Top Tweet: 32,466 Retweets

4. @rihanna 

Rihanna was quick to congratulate Beyonce and Jay-Z on the birth of their first child, Blue Ivy Carter. This tweet from Rihanna received 30,991 retweets earlier this month!

Top Tweet: 30,991 Retweets

5. @selenagomez 

Selena Gomez recently joined the list of celebrities with over 10 million followers on Twitter. Her tweet on July 12, 2011 received 28,108 retweets. Selena is supporting the new single “Skyscraper” from Demetria Lovato (@ddlovato). This is Selena’s most retweeted tweet of all time. Katy Perry is also a big fan of Skyscraper, as you’ll see below.

Top Tweet: 28,108 Retweets

6. @taylorswift13 

Taylor Swift shared this tweet with the world on her 22nd birthday, December 13th 2011. Her tweet received 25,762 retweets last month as fans celebrated with her - the most retweeted tweet from her account ever, at least until she turns 23.

Top Tweet: 25,762 Retweets

7. @katyperry 

Another big fan of Demetria Lovato, Katy Perry joins Selena Gomez (tweet above) to congratulate Demetria on her new single, Skyscraper. This tweet from @katyperry received 25,597 retweets. These tweets may have contributed to @ddlovato’s explosive growth on Twitter, now nearing 6 million followers.

Top Tweet: 25,597 Retweets

8. @britneyspears 

Britney is struck with a little Bieber Fever and receives over 20 thousand retweets - her most retweeted tweet of all time.

Top Tweet: 20,820 Retweets

9. @barackobama 

Coming in 9th on our list is Barack Obama. Obama has been a big supporter of social media, running a live Twitter Town Hall in July 2011 and the first presidential Google+ Hangout only days ago. It all started with his “Yes we can” campaign for the presidency. Very suiting that his most retweeted tweet of all time is this tweet from March 2010 with 17,570 retweets. Well done Mr. President. You certainly have achieved celebrity status in the world of social media.

Top Tweet: 17,570 Retweets

10. @shakira 

Shakira presents her “sunshine” in this photo of the couple on March 29th, 2011. The tweet received 7,268 retweets and the photo on twitpic nearly 700,000 views!

Top Tweet: 7,248 Retweets

Just for fun, lets look at some of the heavyweights in social media news, Mashable (@mashable) and TechCrunch (@techcrunch).


Mashable tweets 70 tweets/day on average with links to the latest articles on We analyzed the past 3200 tweets from @Mashable to discover the most retweeted tweet. Two months ago, on December 5th 2011, Mashable posted something we can all relate to: auto-correct. Their tweet below received 2,297 retweets.

Top Tweet: 2,297 Retweets


TechCunch tweets close to 60 tweets/day and their most retweeted tweet speaks to the growing global anti-SOPA movement. Google collected 4.5 million signatures and this tweet from @TechCrunch received nearly one thousand retweets.

Top Tweet: 997 Retweets

Twitter has become one of the richest data sources in history. We are thrilled that Twitter is now providing accurate retweet totals from within their API. I’m sure these new retweet totals will be revealed on soon.

TwitSprout is continuing to analyze tweets from other Twitter accounts for more insights. All these analytics and will be made available to TwitSprout users soon. Join now (for free) to be one of the first with access to retweet activity of your account and any competitors.

  • posted 02 February, 2012

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Obama’s Other Crisis

With only hours to go before America is forced to default on its loans, President Obama took to Twitter to try and get everyone to compromise. He put out well over a hundred tweets in the course of a few hours, all with a common theme:

Although each of these tweets were useful to a large number of people, all of them together were useful to absolutely nobody — and it showed. Within minutes of beginning this tweet barrage, people began unfollowing @BarackObama en masse:

The over 30,000 net lost followers is taken after counting the 20,000 followers that Obama would normally expect to gain on a Friday — that’s over 50,000 lost followers for Obama, and the first time in a very long time that he’s had a net loss over an entire day. To put thing in perspective, though, these 50,000 followers represent only 0.53% of his total follower base, so it’s not exactly time for a re-election just yet!

To see a more detailed breakdown of @BarackObama’s account activity, head on down to our official Obama Dashboard, and don’t forget to sign up for TwitSprout if you want your very own!

Adrian at TwitSprout

  • posted 29 July, 2011

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We love the feedback

We just sent out another batch of invites for the TwitSprout beta. Every few days we bring another awesome group of users on board.

We love all the feedback! We ARE listening. Your recommendations are directly driving our feature road map. Our goal is to create the most useful set of Twitter intelligence available - and we need your help. If you haven’t signed up, please use our beta link here:

Please continue to leave us feedback on Twitter and at:

This is just a small collection of the feedback we are receiving - and a big thank you to everyone on the beta. We’re sorry if your TwitSprout tweet is not featured here, we love you too!

  • And that’s exactly what the CSV data is intended for :) Glad to hear it! Thanks Brian @taitbw

  • Pure awesomeness! You’re too kind JB! We are in the early stages, which is exciting, because there is so much to come! Thanks so much. Cheers JB @JBCollinet

  • Precisely. We aim to deliver clear & meaningful metrics - understood by any Twitter user. How many business owners know the difference between Klout and Clout really? Thanks again Nigel@nigellegg. Awesome feedback. Cheers.

  • Yes. We do that! :) Cheers Branden @bkornell

  • We’re excited too! And Thank YOU for joining! Thanks to all of our awesome beta users! Cheers to @MapleMusic

  • Well that’s good news! We have a few more features to include before a full launch. The official site is in the works now too - hold tight until the New Year. Rest assured, we wake up and go to sleep thinking about Twitter metrics - crazy, I know. Thanks Jonathan@jonathanmfritz

  • We think so! Nothing too radical yet, but we have a few cards in our hand - yet to be played! Many more features to come… Cheers Ben@BenLaMothe

Thank you everyone! And enjoy the Holiday Season!

To your continued growth! - @TwitSprout

  • posted 10 April, 2011

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Welcome to the blog!

We love analytics. And we love social media.

This blog will catalogue development of the TwitSprout analytics.
We’re tracking several accounts already in the Private Beta program. Please complete this form in you’re interest in joining the beta.

Much more to come.

Dan @TwitSprout

  • posted 14 March, 2011

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