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We Love You More

You know me as Dan at TwitSprout. I know you as Matt, David, Chip, Laura, Jamie, and so many more. The truth is, I absolutely love interacting with our growing beta team. We have a manifesto posted here at TwitSprout HQ that reads: Our users will be family. You bring TwitSprout to life and I continue to learn from each and every tweet, live chat, phone call and email. Your recommendations have directly impacted our roadmap on so many occasions - including printing to PDF.

With your help we’ve reached our next milestone: 100 reviews and testimonials. I’m amazed and humbled by the response. One of the most rewarding parts of being an entrepreneur is simply creating something useful. Something that causes people to say, “You just made my job easier.”

The word cloud below was created from the 100+ TwitSprout reviews on Oneforty. This is how you describe TwitSprout.

Product development and customer service are one. We understand the best new features are often inspired by those who use the product. People like you! And who better to speak directly with our users than the CEO himself? I’ve been known to call flash brainstorm sessions after a Live Chat with our users - totally charged by some new idea. Whiteboard marker in hand, we begin to mock up a prototype and schedule work. I’m proud of the team’s focus on ensuring our users have the absolute greatest experience and possible.

It was years ago when I first started using Twitter for personal branding and networking. I remember at that time there were very few tools that effectively tracked account growth. In the beginning, I recorded my Total Follower count daily in a spreadsheet. It’s frustrating that Twitter only stores the current state of these stats without any historical access - you must resort to regularly recording the data with a timestamp. And surely hourly data is better than daily. So I wrote a small program to collect the information. That was just the beginning.

It’s been many months since I designed the first TwitSprout dashboard. I remember my excitement when we reached our first 100 users. It feels so long ago (but it wasn’t). Then this month we were featured by Mashable & CNN for our analysis of Obama’s Twitter Town Hall. Guy Kawasaki even tweeted us out! We were all smiles and high-fives here in the office. 

Thank you (everyone) for your awesome support and inspiration.

We are always at your service :)

To your continued growth! Cheers! -Dan and the TwitSprout Team

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A few of our favorites

Top Oneforty Reivews

And the reviews continue. Including one of our personal favorites this week:

by David @spark_pc

Compared to the other one-page report and statistic dashboards provided by the hundreds of others, TwitSprout gives you exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it. No need to wait for an e-mail or the weekly reports to come in, you click, share, and receive real-time data. That’s what you wanted in the first place right? If you’re looking for that one-stop solution and are tired of searching around on the Internet, this is for you. Just sign-up, wait for your account to activate, and BAM! You have what you want. -Dave

  • posted 29 July, 2011

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